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Most people and business organizations hire Limo Toronto limousine services on a fixed understanding and for specific events within a package deal or broadly defined terms. However there are times and occasions when people as well as corporate clients needs custom limo service for special purposes or events. This is where you can count on Limo Toronto to deliver custom limo services to the max. A happy and satisfied client is for us the highest testimonial to our quality of services.

Normal limo services are charged by the hour for a minimum number of hours. A client may want a custom limo services for extended hours or for a couple of hours with a break and then again for a couple of hours. The variations can be many and if we go by standard rate calculations, it adds up to a high amount. This is not within the budget nor is it justifiable to impose standard terms for specific requirements. A customer friendly attitude at Limo Toronto is to consider the specific custom requirements for limo hire and offer custom limo service accordingly at rates that provide best value for money.

For instance, a wedding party may need a limo for a short time in the morning, then again around noon, late afternoon and at night, after the reception to transport the couple on their way to the honeymoon. If we go strictly by the hour, the charges would be a tidy total, remunerative for us but not for clients. Our client satisfaction oriented approach leads us to develop custom limo service packages for such cases where couples discuss requirements and we arrive at customized limo hire solutions at much more affordable rates. A couple may also need custom limousine to match the wedding theme color. In our line of business and located as we are in a multi-cultural, racially diverse city as Toronto, we are prepared to handle all types of limo hire requests.

Corporate clients too have needs of custom limo service from time to time. For instance, they may want delegates ferried to a conference in the morning, then maybe take them to a restaurant for lunch and back to the venue and then again when the conference they need services and for later on in the night for dinner and a night out.

Holidaymakers and tourists benefit by discussing custom limo service solutions with the staff at Limo Toronto who will go over all details and design a package to satisfy clients.

In case of limo services, customer expectations run high and they want it for the style statement, the grandeur and symbolism of aristocracy embodied in luxury limo rentals. Customized limo party bus deals are our speciality and we have custom rates for weekends and for weekdays. It is best to talk with our customer service representative and walk out with a smile on your face, with the best custom limo hire deal under your arm, so to speak. At Limo Toronto we do go the extra mile for clients: thousands of happy clients are the proof.

The general belief that limos are terribly expensive is demystified when you talk with us and discuss your plans for a stylish event with our limo adding a touch of style, grandeur and graciousness to it. Compare the costs of limo rentals from Limo Toronto to the extreme benefits and convenience as well as safety, comfort and the matchless style, and you will agree custom limo solutions are well worth the effort. We are available on phone 24×7 so do not hesitate to fix up an appoint to discuss custom limo services.