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In death, there is dignity and solemnity. As a mark of respect and veneration, people make efforts that the funeral should be “grand”. Limos, with their characteristic grace and elegance, lend dignity and polish to the proceedings. Limo Toronto has some of the best outfitted and elegant all black funeral limo service to give a touch of sophisticated refinement to funerals.

The loss may be overwhelming if the departed has been very close to you. At times like this, having us assist and take care of transportation, can be a great relief. That your guests will appreciate this service and remember you for being so thoughtful is another matter. That people will consider your hiring limos as a mark of extreme respect and regard for the departed will also be seen in a positive light. Leave it to us, simply let us know the number of people to accommodate and we will provide the right limo from our stable of luxury limos. We have luxury sedans for 4, stretch SUV for 6 to 8, stretch passenger SUVs for 14 and larger limo coaches and vans for 20 people and above. Adding a touch of exquisite elegance is the presence of our perfectly liveried chauffeurs; the sight of people alighting as he holds doors open, can be very impressive. Chauffeurs know their way around and do not need instructions. They know the right thing to do at the right moment.

When you see an all black funeral limousine in stately procession behind the car with the casket, it has a markedly different effect.

Limo Toronto is running funeral limo service in Toronto and the GTA since a decade, providing just the right limousine for the occasion at affordable rates. Limo Toronto packs quality in all aspects of its limousines and services, one of the reasons we earn referrals and praise from our clients and an A+ rating. If you like, you can hire a limo for the funeral as well as for the wake. Should you decide for both, you have the choice of even lower rates while affording your guests top quality comfort and receiving in return their thanks for the appreciation you show them.

Classy funeral limos do cost a little more to hire from Limo Toronto but add immeasurably to the event and show you in the best light as also indicate the importance the departed had in your life. Given this and that your guests have comfort, would you choose to compromise?

Funeral limos can be booked at our office and you will find our service representative quite helpful. We are working 24×7, 365 days a year and you can book a funeral limo service over the phone through an easy and convenient process. Operating since years and having served at so many funerals throughout the GTA, we have what it takes to deliver the right service.