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KC and the Sunshine Band said it right when they sang “Shake, Shake, Shake…” and you could not do it better than in a Toronto Party Bus Limo, provided by none other than the leading limo rental agency in Toronto: Limo Toronto.

As people learn about the unique features of partying aboard a limo bus, our party buses are becoming more popular and are in great demand. Consider the situation when you decide to have a party at a local disco. For one you have to collect at one place and drive in your cars to the party venue. Two, you have to arrange for refreshments, drinks and food with the disco caterer. Three, you have to jostle for space and wait your turn at the bar to be served. Four and this is bad, you have to share dance space with lots of others. Five, and this is still more bad, you all as a group just cannot get going, what with the presence of other people preventing a cozy harmony from developing. On the other hand, think of a Toronto Party Bus Limo from Limo Toronto and what do you get? Hours of unalloyed enjoyment in the company of your friends aboard a party bus. The party can last as long as you want it to.

There’s more to having a party on a Toronto Party Bus Limo. About the bus itself: it is equipped to be a disco on wheels. It has:

• High powered music system with giant speakers to blast you off your feet. You can play the music of your choice with our digital programmable DJ system or have a live DJ handle it all for you.
• Mirrored ceiling, Poles
• Dance floor
• Giant screen LCD TV and Karaoke
• Lounge seating so anyone who wishes to sit back and relax can do so.
• Bar you can stock with your favorite drinks and never have to bother about waiting to be served.
• Refrigerator to chill drinks and have ice cream and food inside. You bring your drink and food or ask us and it is provided as optional extra.
• Laser lights

All in air conditioned comfort with a toilet on board too.

Toronto Party Limo Buses guarantee you and your group total privacy, with the chauffeur driving and handling everything else discreetly on your behalf so you can focus and get into the groove.

It is not unusual for party goers to have one too many. This can be a cause of worry if someone has to drive all the way home after having one too many. However our multiple pick up-drop off service ensures each one is deposited at his doorstep according to a pre-arranged plan so you can be carefree and celebrate it, a birthday, anniversary, graduation day or any event, to the max.

Phone us and know more about how parties can reach new heights of fun and enjoyment on board a party bus limo from Limo Toronto at prices that do not break the bank.

Welcome to the party. That’s another sung by so many.