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There is a sea of difference in the quality of limos and the quality of limo services too. Recent entrants just have no idea of the finer nuances of limo services and all that is involved in a specialized service sector. Given their limitations, it is not surprising that they vanish from the scene in a year. Limo Toronto, on the other hand, is in operation since a decade and has become the preferred source when you want to rent a limo in Toronto. The reason is simple: Limo Toronto delivers on expectations within a defined budget. When you rent a limo in Toronto from us, you get more than what you pay for.

Since limo rental in Toronto have a number of limousines in their fleet with varying hourly rates, it would be wise to select a limo appropriate to the purpose rather than an ostentatious one for which you will not have full use but for which you end up paying the full rate. It does not make sound economic sense to hire a 14 seater stretch limo for a group of 5 to 6 when you can hire a more suitable SUV or stretch limo for 6 or 8 at much better rate. What happens here is that recently started limo rental and hire agencies in Toronto have only a limited repertoire of limos so they will foist one on you and charge you accordingly. Limo Toronto, on the other hand, has a wide array of limos of the most popular types, ranging from 2 seaters and going all the way up to 40 by way of town cars, stretch limos, SUVs, mini limo vans, limo coaches and limo buses so you can rent the exact sized limo. Add to this the expertise of experienced and qualified chauffeurs and you have access to affordably priced, genuinely classy elegant limos to set off your style.

Limo Toronto also has a policy of transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction and this means we never overcharge you, use your situation to profit by it or inflate bills. When you talk to our staff, you will find that they are very specific in knowing your requirements before they suggest a suitable limo you rent a limo in Toronto from us. By matching a limo to your needs, you gain the advantage of a cost effective package. Thus, you can choose the saving to retain the limo for a longer duration, for example.

When you rent a limo in Toronto from Limo Toronto, you also have the advantage of being able to pick from a vast range of limos, with the assurance that the limo you pick is the one to arrive at your doorstep. We offer flexible packages and plans to suit your budget with the maximum benefit to you. One of our plans is that if you book a limo well in advance, say 6 months or so, (as for weddings and prom nights) you gain additional discount. Weekday limo rentals at Limo Toronto also cost less than weekend limo rentals. If you rent a limo in Toronto from us for more hours, the overall cost to you is reduced and you can enjoy it for a longer time. These are just a few examples of the benefits you get when you rent a limo from Limo Toronto.

We have very flexible and affordable plans for weddings, prom nights, birthdays, anniversary limos, night out limos, party limos and for virtually any occasion. Phone us when you wish to rent a limo in Toronto and benefit by our customized packages.