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Limo Toronto’s executive car service is reputed throughout Toronto and the GTA for outstanding factors: quality of limos, timeliness, dependability and a very understanding chauffeur attuned to needs of executives.

While people hire limos mostly for weddings or social events, in the corporate world, limo hire is multi-functional with functionality taking precedence over form and style. Executives need fast, efficient and safe executive car services to take them around, for airport transfers and to serve as chauffeured services to take delegates and business clients around the city in addition to taking them to business meets. Parameters of executive service are different from normal limo usage for celebrations. Executives expect chauffeurs to know their way around and get them quickly to their destination without loss of time. Our chauffeurs are not only knowledgeable and expert at driving, but also about routes, the least congested short cuts and locations in and around Toronto so whenever an executive wants to get to a particular address, our chauffeur gets them there in the shortest time.

Since executives lead a busy and stressful life, they may use the transit time to relax or catch up on work in a comfortable ambience. Executive Cars from Limo Toronto offer them just the right environment to stretch out and relax or get through some work on the way.

Knowing that no executive likes to be kept waiting, our chauffeurs are always there and waiting, prompt and punctual. Executives appreciate this and have remarked on the way this helped them maintain a busy schedule. Limo Toronto ensure executives are never disappointed in this regard.

Executives hire executive limos from Limo Toronto and while the arrangement may be for a specific number of hours, something may come up and they may decide to retain the executive car for some more time. We accommodate them without any demur. Our extreme flexibility in meeting varying needs of busy executives has earned us a special place and has mad us the de-facto executive car service provider in Toronto. If your corporation is looking to retain limo service providers for regular transportation of busy executives, you can be assured our services meet your exacting specs without being expensive.

Our fleet is tailored to meet the needs of busy executives and their rigid time schedules. We have a fleet of modern, fast, sleek, stylish and luxurious limos that are just perfect for executive car service. These are the standard Lincoln Navigator and Hummer, complemented by modern Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche and upscale models. Each is customized with special springs, suspension and tyres and mods for quiet, safe ride. Interiors are deluxe with climate control and accessories for executives like internet connection, phone and of course music and TV.

Use of modern, fuel-economic luxury cars gives us the advantage of offering executive cars at affordable rentals and contributing to a greener environment.

Executive cars make up a part of our bouquet of corporate limo services that include limos for airport transfer for single executives and for groups, corporate event handling and corporate delegate tours and night out experiences.

Phone us and know more about how Limo Toronto can partner with you for supreme excellence in executive car service at rates that will effect savings for the company over time.