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Toronto is a city one is proud to live in. Throughout its breadth and width it has so many wonderful places to visit, it would take more than a day for detailed visits to sample its beauties and charm. You could opt for city tour buses run by government and private services or you could do it in style, hiring Toronto city tour limo to give you a wonderfully relaxed tour of places you must see if you visit Toronto. The itinerary usually covers popular places such as:

• The Air Canada Center
• CN Tower
• Casa Loma
• St Lawrence Market
• Queens Quay and Lake Ontario
• Yonge Street
• Hockey Hall of Fame
• Exhibition Place
• Bloor-Yorkville
• Sunny Side Beach

You might also want to take in the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery, the Ontario Science Center, the Zoo and Ontario Paramount Wonderland. Then there is the Blackville Creek Park and the Centerville Amusement Park worth a look.

Unlike regular tour operators who are in a hurry to get the tour done with, we never hurry you and though scheduled for 4 hours, our chauffeurs are considerate and caring of your needs. The Casa Loma is a majestic castle, Toronto’s and Canada’s pride and if you want to spend more time here and explore its wonders, you can be sure the chauffeur will accommodate your request and not hurry you through to the next place. Customization and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of our services. We go to any lengths to give you an extraordinary happy and satisfying city tour limo service, including places you like in the itinerary and omitting those you do not wish to visit. If you wish to throw in a shopping and a stop at a restaurant, we will fit it in the plan. Our plans are customized to suit clients, not the other way around. If we are faulted for one thing, it is pampering our clients when it comes to city tour limo services. It is understandable since not all clients would want to visit the same places or do the same routine thing. You may like to linger at one place and simply pass through another place. You will find our chauffeur compliant to all your wishes. You have options on Mercedes, Lincoln Town Car, stretch Lincolns, Hummers and SUVs. Limo Toronto equips each limousine with all amenities including a refrigerator and mini bar, music systems and TVs along with climate control for extreme comfort.

What distinguishes Limo Toronto from other limo operators is that our chauffeur is quite knowledgeable about places to see and visit in and around Toronto and acts as your friendly guide. If you stop to consider and balance the costs against the royal style of a relaxed city tour limos from Limo Toronto, you cannot but agree that it is money well spent. The sheer comfort and delight of travel in our limo is one part, enhanced by the extreme grace and courtesy of our chauffeur for a truly royal city tour limo experience from Limo Toronto.