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Ajax is part of the regional municipality of Durham and is covered in the Greater Toronto Area, located only 16 miles east of Toronto with Pickering to the west and north and Whitby to the East. It is home to a multicultural population and there is rapid growth. Ajax can proudly boast of having an upscale population and a good business infrastructure to support economic development of the area.

Celebrations and events are a part of life individual and corporate. Ajax limo services from Limo Toronto cater to a multi-ethnic population and highly demanding corporate executives in need of safe, comfortable, reliable and punctual limo services. You look for style and panache when you think of hiring a limo. Limo Toronto meets your expectations in full each time.

Consider weddings. In a racially diverse community expectations and needs vary. Limo Toronto offers Fords, Cadillacs, Hummers, Chryslers, Lincolns and of course the inestimable Rolls and Bentleys in modern as well as vintage versions to cater to esoteric requirements. Transform weddings into memorable and momentous events with limos from Limo Toronto.

Ajax Limo covers other events with just the same minute attention to detail and regard for customer satisfaction. Prom nights, birthdays, celebrations, sporting events, concerts, nights out and anniversaries. If you are planning any such celebration, talk to us first to know how we can add an undefinable element of graciousness and elegance to your event. Limo Toronto has a whole range of packages and deals designed around these events.

If you and your friends are party animals, come to us at Ajax Limo for a party limo bus and have the time of your lives in our disco on wheels. Limo Toronto wants you to enjoy yourself in style and grandeur. A private disco with its own music system, bar, dance floor, mirrored ceiling lights, TV and food on board means you are master of your space for the evening, not having to wait in queues for drinks or jostle for space on the dance floor. They say you don’t need a reason or a season to party and if this holds true for you, then our party bus is the answer and gives you an exceptionally electrifying experience. Besides, when you consider that our chauffeur will pick you up and drop you and your guests back at your doorstep once the party is over provides an immeasurable level of safety and security.

Corporate clients in Ajax receive an exemplary standard of service in line with their norms and expectations. Busy, high profile executives need immediate and safe, fast, comfortable transportation for airport travel to impress their clients and delegates. Ajax Limo services keeps limos on standby for normal day-to-day needs and for rush jobs at short notice. There are no excuses and no defaults. Punctuality is the norm rather than an exception at Ajax Limos. That is one reason why we are favored by so many business organizations across Toronto and the GTA. We have a fleet to match: Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Porsche and Toyotas that executives favor.

Any event, any client: top notch, royal limousine services is the watchword at Ajax Limos. Call us and book your limo well in advance, taking advantage of special offers and packages.